Summer tour to benefit local animal societies

18-year-old me with my family's two dogs. Both rescued, Stanley (below) was a adopted from the Humane Society of New York.

Welcome to my music website and my first blog post!

Note: This is the first time I've written in any kind of blog since high school English class. Awesome...I'll try to apply something I learned, but no guarantees.

Back to the important news!

After releasing my self-produced, debut EP in March, I’m hitting the road to promote my music for the first time, and my summer tour of New York City and New Jersey is quickly filling up with show dates. I’ll be playing all the stuff off of my EP and some NEW songs with a trio of excellent musicians, and after our first few rehearsals together, I must admit that I am really excited—as hard as I am to please—about how the live set is going to sound...and look… and feel…and be experienced in what ever senses you choose to use.

As determined as I am to get my music stuck in your heads, my songs on your favorite playlists, and to build a reputation on stage, I don’t want this tour to just be about me. In fact, from the moment I decided to take a leave of absence from college last year, I knew I wanted this pursuit to be about more than just my music, my artistry, my Instagram, and anything else “me”-related. Although I hardly know where this concept will end up, I do know that it starts with sharing the spotlight on stage with causes, ones that are as important to me as my goal of headlining Gov Ball one day.

During my *debut* summer tour (!!!), I will be partnering with two local organizations that are extremely dedicated to helping underprivileged animals in need of care and new homes. At my shows in New York City, I will be raising money for the Humane Society of New York, a Midtown-based animal hospital and no-kill shelter committed to providing affordable healthcare for pets and a comfortable home for recovering and adoption-ready animals. I was first introduced to HSNY in high school when my family visited its 59th Street headquarters to adopt Stanley (a.k.a Stan the Man, pictured above!), and I never forgot how devout their volunteers were in their efforts and mission. My first show, May 13th at Pianos on the Lower East Side, will be entirely benefitting HSNY, and you can contribute to the donation simply by attending! (My TOUR page gives you all the deets, plus all the other dates and venues I’ll be playing!)

On the nights that I pack up the van, drive down the Parkway, and give Asbury Park a run for its money (those boards will be coming loose!), I’ll be teaming up with the Monmouth County SPCA, a local animal rescue and adoption non-profit that strives to protect and advocate for homeless and neglected animals. To be partnering with an organization that has such a large and impactful presence in Central Jersey, and that is as excited about my music as I am about their work, is a true privilege.

Two iconic cities. Two compassionate animal societies. One kid behind a piano hoping to strike a chord with whomever wants to listen…Infinite possibilities??

Nah. I’m definitely staying away from the clichés. Turns out I did learn something from English class after all.



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