Exclusive interview with New Jersey Stage's Gary Wien

Erik Mason performs at the historic Bitter End nightclub in New York City. All of the show's proceeds were donated to the Humane Society of New York.

Check out my interview with New Jersey Stage’s Gary Wien! Last week, the creator and chief contributing writer of the online arts magazine asked me a handful of thoughtful, compelling questions. I am very grateful to have gotten the chance to open up about my experience as a songwriter behind the piano, my inspirations and influences, and the reasons behind my debut benefit tour. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

"Tell me about trying to be a professional musician from the Jersey Shore as a pianist?  We don't see that too often.  How did you first get into the piano? Does the instrument sort of separate you from the rest in a way?

It's definitely an uncommon thing at the Shore, or anywhere really, which is a shame. Probably because it’s a pain in the ass to schlep around! I love the way the sound of a piano can anchor an entire song, and I personally like to construct my songs around its character. There’s also so many ways to play the instrument, which has added a lot of diversity to my setlist and makes my creative process more unpredictable. I started playing the piano at age 5, way before I started singing. I only began using my voice when it was from behind the keys, and I think this has influenced my vocal tendencies for the better. I think they complement each other in a unique way.

Who are some of your favorite artists and who inspires you as a musician?

I owe a lot of the music I grew up loving to my parents. It started with playing, and eventually singing, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Springsteen, of course. But I have some pretty surprising early influences." ...


Read the full NJ Stage interview here:

Erik Mason Returns To The Jersey Shore For Three Shows Benefiting Three Non Profits


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